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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Long Overdue Update

Saturday, 27 May 2006

The cold wet spring has seemingly affected everyone’s crops. Germination has been slow and unpredictable. However I am rather pleased with most things but I have rapidly run out of space.

The new potatoes are just about in flower, whilst the second early are giving a good leafy show. Main-crop’s are only just showing but I did move them from under the polythene after 4 weeks and planted them in the ground.

Summer brassicas are in situ, and seem to have established well.
Root vegetables, with the exception of parsnips, have not done well so I have sown more carrots and need to get more beetroot.

Onions, shallots, garlic are looking strong and my leeks are looking healthy too.

Beans and peas were a bit hit and miss so I have planted more beans with the hope they will do better than the last ones. I think I planted these far too early.

The sweet peas looked pathetic for quiet a while but they are now standing tall and strong. However they seem to be at a standstill as if waiting for some warm sunshine to boost them into climbing the nets they are clinging to.

The asparagus is a great disappointment. It was allegedly ready to plant upon receipt but only 4 of the 10 crowns are showing any sign of growth, but it is very weak and spindly. I am seriously thinking of digging it up as it is taking precious space that could be used for something else.

Several tomato plants are planted with some fleece protection until established.

All fruit bushes are showing good signs of growth except for the damson bush. It has not put out any growth at all but the slender branches are supple and green inside if snipped with the pruning shears.

The area behind the sheds, which was a real eyesore, (full of roots and rubbish) has now been cleared and planted with flowers. There is a small sunken water hole made from the top of a plastic water butt. I have yet to install the solar powered fountain.

Ivy is planted at the back of my dead hedge, Virginia creeper at the front left and Honeysuckle at the right hand side.

This wet weather has really stirred the weeds into action and it is a full time job keeping them under control. Hoeing has been pretty useless as all it was doing was transplanting them. All the weeds hoed down stood proud and defiantly greeted me upon my arrival the next day. I therefore decided to work through the beds weeding by hand. At least it is only a new bunch of weeds that greet me now rather than an ever increasing army of them.