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Monday, December 31, 2007

a Little Artistic License

Monday, December 10, 2007

What to do with Surplus Fruit Harvest

I was still picking Raspberries in November and found I had loads of fruit in the freezer too.
Elderberries, Sloes, strawberries and various currants. I decided to make some fruit liqueurs with some of them.
I half filled a kilner jar with fruit added approx 4tbsp of sugar then filled the jar to the top with spirit. Vodka, bacardi, dry martini, gin, brandy and coffee liqueur are all good for this.
In fact blackcurrants and elderberries mixed in coffee liqueur produced a very nice Port tasting result.

Let it stand up-turning each day until the sugar is dissolved. After a couple of weeks we began tasting each one adding more sugar if needed. Once the taste is to your liking strain the fruit and bottle the liqueur.
The fruit can be frozen for use in deserts or chocolate coated if you prefer.
I found the sloes too bitter for this so it is a matter of taste.

Be careful how much you drink though as it is so fruity it's easy to forget how alcoholic it is. One of my guests had problems getting back home as you will see in the link