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Thursday, March 13, 2008

A New Season Upon Us

Like everyone else I have been busy trying to catch up with winter jobs. It's not been easy as the weather has been rather inclement and the only really nice days were the days I was otherwise engaged so progress has been slow.

I have been marking the plot out into narrow beds this year and intend to work the no dig method. Shallots, Broad beans and overwintering onions are already planted and looking well. I have some early potatoes in the poly-tunnel in old tyres.
However that is probably where it will stop this year until mid summer. A rather unpleasant something was discovered 6 weeks ago during a routine scan for something else. I now face the sort of surgery that does not allow for any strenuous activity for several weeks and I have been ordered to do no allotmenting for approx 5 months if all goes well.

I have been working like crazy to get the beds mulched and covered to suppress weeds and will if required resort to Glyphosate on the paths between the beds until I am able to run up and down with the hoe again.
It looks like all my veg this year will be pot grown or late sown.